count your presents

Sometimes I will blog in English because I think its silly to do this bi-language. Off course we know the frase count your blessings, but I would like to see it as presents. And people can be presents and stuff or gifts can be.

Some peeps helped me with my site and I would like to thank them dearly: Nick, Martin, Ron and the people of KIK. I can appreciate what they have done. Corne thank you the latest pictures you made on my last gig last weekend on the TGIF party and business network in Bergen op Zoom Netherlands.

Ive got a bit news as-well: im going to the gym almost everyday, I walk 8000 passes a day the least and I eat about 1600 calories….now there im going wrong the experts say so I have to figure that out. Now still 40 pounds too heavy ! July 2019 I hope it will be 210 pounds in total. Back to my old weight.

I was caught with pouty lips like I want to kiss the music or audience who will tell hahaha….. im not a shamed for that its just who I am. What you see is what you get.